The Roomie Series Part VI

For the past 3-4 weeks, I have gotten to know the habits of my dear roommate. And I’ve noticed something that I think you all need to hear about. I would have written about this sooner, but I’ve been waiting to make sure that my suspicions are correct. After about a month, I know that I’m accurate. I think you’re going to like it. I don’t; but that’s because I live with her. Ready?

Manigeh does not shower. Period.

I know this for several reasons; the most persuasive piece of evidence that I can offer is that I’ve been monitoring her shower daily (I have my own shower). There are specks of dirt and an outline of a footprint that have remained in the same place since she arrived. The footprint was mine and I neglected to wash it out because I figured as soon as someone turned on the shower it would wash away. Now I don’t want to wash it because it serves as proof of my claim. I can also say that there are no soap/shampoo products in her shower, her hair is getting a tad greasy and I have not once heard the shower turn on.

I wonder if this is a cultural thing. Perhaps, to her, I bathe excessively, which is possible as North Americans have this reputation. Or, maybe it’s purely a personal preference. If it’s the former, then I will not boast of cultural elitism, but if it’s the latter, that’s just disgusting. Four weeks of sweat and air pollution trapped in her skin and hair?? UGGH. I will open to the floor to comments on the issue.




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