The Roomie Series Part V

It’s been awhile since the last update. For that, I apologize; I know many of you rely on my updates to make you feel better about your own life circumstance. Prepare to feel like a star.

Due to the unavoidable time difference between Toronto and Tehran(approximately 9.5 hours), it seems that the only reasonable time for Manigeh to speak with her relatives is at 7am -this would make it 4:30pm in Iran’s captial. I suppose it makes sense. What doesn’t make AS much sense to me is the shouting. In fact, I have a hard time finding any rationale for it at all. As a night person who enjoys a nice sleep-in, I find the morning rooster that is Manigeh quite irksome indeed. I choose not to wear ear plugs as I worry that I won’t wake up in time for class. Instead, I lie in bed, put my pillow over my sleepy head and groan a long irritated groan (the kind where you’re just pushing sound through your vocal chords).

Moving on.

As some of you may have noticed, it’s been quite nice outside lately. The snow has melted, the ground is thawing and it’s getting warmer. Walking outside is now pleasurable. For most, spring means shedding that winter garb and turning down the heat. Unless you are Manigeh, in which case, you turn up the heat to 24 degrees celsius. As we speak, Manigeh and I are in the midst of a heat war. The war remains verbally unacknowledged, but we both know it’s there. In our war, we make sure the other is in her room and we sneak out and meddle with the thermostat. If you are me, you turn it to a reasonable and environmentally conscious 18-19 degrees; if you are Manigeh, you turn it up to at least 23 degrees. This has been happening for about five days now. And I would say that we each move the needle twice per day, on average. I’ve tried saying things like “It’s nice outside” and “It’s warm out, eh?” (I’ve recently admitted to myself that I do, in fact, say ‘eh?’). Still, the war rages on. Right now, I’m winning because she goes to bed before me. But I suspect that, oh, around let’s say, 7am I will rouse damp with sweat. And another cycle will begin.

p.s. she moved into the small room today:)




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