The Roomie Series Part IX

So I’m all moved out now, happy as a clam. I actually spent an hour writing the final roomie update last week and just as I clicked Publish, my compy froze. Needless to say, I was disheartened and have not had the willpower to re-try until now. It might not be as good/detailed, but you’ll get the idea.

The day I left was a bit awkward. I got most of my belongings but I still had to get my beloved pillowcases. I knocked on her door and when she opened it, I tried to explain that she still had my stuff. Then, I pointed to the bed and proceeded to make an idiot of myself with charades. She stared at me with doe eyes, communicating to me that she had no idea why I was in her room.

I had no social graces left. I just walked in and grabbed and my pillowcases off my (well, now her) pillows. I said something like “I need these” on my way out. It was a really bizarre because I felt like I was stealing from her. She looked kind of betrayed, as though I just took advantage of her or something. And since that incident was odd enough, I left my pillows and blanket in her permanent care. I’m probably a better person for it. Or at least a colder one.

When it came time to actually leave, I gave her a hug. Sometimes I find myself hugging people when I actually don’t want to—it happens most often at family things and when leaving people’s houses. I think I do it because I feel like I’m supposed to, until I’m half way into the hug and suddenly realize that it’s awkward for both parties. Anyway, the hug was not reciprocated. I think she was a bit shocked that I was even touching her, which seemed fair enough, since I barely gave her the time of day. I said goodbye and walked to the car.

So that’s it. Manigeh is out of my life. I have to say that I don’t miss her at all. Is that mean?



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