The Roomie Series Part III

I don’t have much news for you today. The problem with having the doors closed all the time is that I can’t really watch her. Here’s what I have:

I am pleased to announce that the Iranian woman has purchased more food. Today I spotted some carrots and pistachios on the counter and I think she was making chicken soup for lunch. The only thing worse than a 49 year old roommate is a dead 49 year roommate and it makes me happy that no one in my house will be dying of anorexia!

There is no sign that she knows it’s St. Patrick’s Day today, although her sweater does have some green in it. I would invite her out with me tonight… except that she is 49 and everyone knows that three horns do not play with long necks. Instead, I am doing the next best thing. Whenever I talk or make any kind of noise, I try to sound Irish. I realise that my Irish accent sounds more like a developmentally delayed Englishman, but I suspect she’ll be in the St. Patty’s spirit in no time.




One thought on “The Roomie Series Part III

  1. this one is my favourite.

    i cannot recall if i ever spoke to you about my roommate in 1st year in Mac…He was Albanian and barely spoke English and had no possessions for most of the year…and he really liked Metallica.

    I really regret not keeping a diary of that year

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