The Roomie Series Part II

I haven’t actually seen the Iranian woman since Tuesday, but I hear her. I’ve noticed a pattern whereby she won’t come out of her room unless she is certain that I am back in mine. I started to do the same thing. So, even if I want an Oreo cookie REAL bad, I wait until I hear her click (she wears clicky shoes in the house) down the hall and shut her door. Even then, I wait about ten seconds to make sure she didn’t forget anything, lest she come out she see me with my hand in a bag of Oreo cookies and I melt or something. There’s always a 50/50 chance.

She* has not purchased any new groceries since Monday and, to tell you the truth, I’m getting worried. Her last trip to the store was for four items (hotdog buns, coffee grinds, nutella and 1 litre of skim milk). I hope to Allah (I’m guessing) that she is eating outside of the home. She hasn’t even opened the coffee grinds. How is she getting adequate nourishment?

One last thing. She has a key to the condo but continues to ring the doorbell and wait outside everytime she comes back from wherever it is that she went. Now I just refuse to answer the door. She comes in eventually.
I’ll keep you guys posted.

*I keep saying “she” because I’m still not solid on her name. I think it’s Manigeh (pronounced: MAN-ee-jay) but who actually knows? She has never formally introduced herself.




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