Pieces of you

At the risk of sounding gross

or scaring you away,

I want to cut you into pieces

and carry parts of you all day.

I’d taste my food but put it into your stomach

so I would not get fat.

Your lap would come to class with me

to make me comfy when I sat.

I’d hold your hand and walk around.

I’d cross your fingers during my tests.

Your smile would wait for me after class.

If I got cold, I’d hug your chest.

I’d nuzzle your nose before I read;

I’d whisper in your ear when things got boring.

Your lips would kiss me goodnight;

your eyes would twinkle at me in the morning.

I understand that you are very busy

I can’t always have the whole thing.

But if I just had pieces of you

I could have a partial fling.


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