Swiffer thinks women are romantically involved with cleaning products


Date me!

While we’re on the topic of advertising (after talking about Cascade), I would like to add Swiffer to my hitlist.

You’ve probably seen them, but here are the commercials I’m referring to:

In Swifferland, women love cleaning products so much that we not only appreciate them, use them frequently and rely on them to make our lives easier, but we have personal and even romantic relationships with them. When something (not someone) better comes along, we dump our old mops/brooms. And it’s on to the next one, ladies. But, don’t worry, we don’t have to feel bad about our exes; they’ll find other household objects to make up for what we offered them in our previous relationship. And we will move on with our new objects, satisfied with how they fulfill our emotional, intellectual and maybe even physical (ewww) needs.


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