Cascade thinks women can’t get along

From the Cascade website

From the Cascade website

Nothing boils my blood quite like advertising. Not saying it’s worse than domestic violence or unequal wages or rape culture or (globally speaking) lack of basic human rights, it’s just more noticeable to me.

On today’s hit list: Cascade commercials

In case you haven’t seen them, watch these:

And for good measure:

This is what they’re telling me about women; this is the version of me that they’re trying to sell back to me:

  • Women should and do care a whole lot about sparkling dishes
  • No matter how hard they try, women just can’t get along with each other
  • Women are so competitive that the thought of another woman outperforming them in a domestic task is enough to drop the dish gloves
  • Dish-related conflict is so common that someone, a Kitchen Counsellor, could make a living talking crazy women off the ledge
  • Well-meaning men shouldn’t even try to help us, because women are so bitchy and crazy and clean

Hey Casade. Your advertising sucks. You’re sexist and condescending and old hat.


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