Why women aren’t funny

I keep hearing that women aren’t funny. These are my thoughts on why this probably is.

X is funny.
Male comedians talk about X.
Therefore, men are funny.

X is funny.
(Some) Female comedians talk about Y (sometimes).
Therefore, no women are funny.

It doesn’t matter that elements of X have the potential to alienate 50% of the audience. That’s too bad for them, because X is categorically funny.

Y deviates from X. And since only X is funny, Y cannot possibly be funny. To anyone. That matters.

If X includes objectification of women, too bad; it’s funny. If X includes rape jokes, too bad; it’s funny. If within X, women’s contributions to society are trivialized, minimized and sexualized, too bad; it’s funny.

One more thing: if you don’t think X is funny — which it obviously is —  you are automatically a scheming witch with zero sense of humour and you are obviously trying to bring men down, which is a travesty, because men are picked on constantly nowadays, and it’s not fair, and men deserve to walk through life saying and doing whatever they want, and anyone who gets in the way of that deserves a comment field full of physically and sexually violent threats.

Thank you.


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