Things I don’t like about sending my son to daycare

  1. That he’s there and not here with me, writing on a baby-sized computer and watching cat videos.
  2. Almost 1/3 of my monthly income goes towards paying for it.
  3. He doesn’t immediately stop smelling like daycare when he returns home, which, for me, is like smelling the other woman’s perfume.
  4. Other people don’t have to send their kids to daycare.
  5. He eats gross, kid non-food now, like Bear Paws and Kraft Singles and bologna.
  6. His daycare provider knows more about what he’s doing than I do, but cares less.
  7. Our home routine now models that of his daycare. I even have to say, “Okay little birdie, it’s time to sleep in your nest,” just so he’ll nap.
  8. He started headbutting me within days of attending there. I think I know which kid he learned it from, too. (See point 10)
  9. He gets sick all the time, because the kids can’t help but lick each other.
  10. There’s a weird-looking kid there and I have to see her when I pick him up. She’s not deformed or suffering from a serious illness or anything; she’s just off-putting and I would just prefer not to have to see her. cropped-img_1196.jpg

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