Life updates

  • I have a baby. A real baby. His name is Thomas. He’s one year old. And, despite his insistence on pinching me, he’s pretty great.
  • I live in a house now. I’d be more proud of this fact if I actually paid for it without the help of my mother in law, but it’s still great.
  • I’m back working in Toronto, copywriting again. This is a good thing.
  • I have started to take my faith more seriously. I attend church regularly now. I might even write about it one day.

Things that are still true about me:

  • I live in Hamilton, Ontario, which I no longer feel is inferior to Toronto.
  • I have a husband (god bless ‘im) and a stepdaughter.
  • I have a dog. Our relationship has morphed into frenemy status. But he is alive and still lives inside my home.
  • I still feel compelled to write, even though I rarely take my self up on this.

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