So I’m back… for now.

I stopped writing here for a few reasons.

  1. I lack even the most the basic discipline.
  2. I started going by my married name all the time, so Jen Sorlie seemed irrelevant all of a sudden.
  3. I started writing other things.

I am coming back to this baby, because I failed at being disciplined on the other blogs, too; my married name is ultra common, so there was no way I could get a blog without it being something like; and because I can do whatever I want to, okay?


One thought on “So I’m back… for now.

  1. Ouuuu!!! Let me be the first to congratulate you! Even though you no doubt inherited reason #one from me! Strange I’ve just started working with Flash again. Perhaps spring is coming for both of us! I can only hope so.

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