I don’t care if you met online

from Don Hankins on Flickr

Whenever someone tells me they have an online dating profile or that they met someone via the internet, there’s always a qualifier:

“Dont judge me, but…”

“I know it sounds stupid, but…”

“How we met? Well it’s cheesy, but…”

“I’m know I’m a total loser, but…”


Listen and listen good: No. One. Cares. If. You. Met. On. The. Internet.

If anyone does care, it’s because he or she doesn’t actually *use* the internet.

It’s not the early nineties anymore, when the only person you were meeting online lived in his mother’s basement. People meet people ALL the time on the internet. That’s why they’re called social networking sites.

It doesn’t make you a creeper because you would rather gauge someone’s personality before you invest the time into meeting them in person. It doesn’t make you loser that you would rather not go to bars and hook up with randoms.

You might think it’s weird that people don’t meet in person anymore. That’s because it is weird (as in, different from before). But you know what? I’m okay with that difference. So are the MILLIONS of other people who use these sites.

In case you need it, I am hereby granting you and everyone else permission to feel confident about online dating.


3 thoughts on “I don’t care if you met online

  1. I tried plentyoffish (much to Mikes’ and Craig’s entertainment). I had one date. She was nice, but ultimately I found the conversation lacking.
    Just thought I’d share.

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