THE best resignation ever!

I LOVE disgruntled employees. I find them magnetic! I especially love it when they quit.

If last week’s viral Quitting Letter wasn’t funny enough, this Dry Erase Board resignation letter should have you in stitches. I love it. Oh I do.


3 thoughts on “THE best resignation ever!

  1. Sadly, I just read today the whole dry-erase thing was a hoax. Leads me to think of two things…
    1. how soon before someone plays copycat and actually does something like this;
    2. how careful people have to be around ‘information on the internet’ and ‘social media speed’ because when combined they can be used to fuel the forces of evil rather than good.

    Great blog by Drew Kerr about this.

    • I heard it was a hoax. How disappointing! It would have been great. The Jet Blue guy was pretty fantastic, so I will rejoice with him.

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