For the gents


Just because the elastic band is still intact, doesn’t mean you can ignore the state of disrepair of the cloth part of your underwear. The way I see it, underwear is supposed to protect one’s pants from one’s ass. Holes directly interfere with this purpose. Men, do yourselves a favour. Throw them out. You deserve it and your pants deserve it.

Not sure if your undies are ready for the trash? Below is an example of when you should have thrown them out two years ago. Behold, underwear my husband owns AND wears.

He describes them as "game worn".

These next ones are not as old, but still should have been trashed about six months ago.

A few holes too many.


5 thoughts on “For the gents

  1. That is a very unflattering picture. She hasn’t done them justice at all. In the right light they highlight all the right spots.

  2. Wow. I too see these on a daily basis and each christmas when people ask what my Hub wants in his stocking, I say underwear. its improving! But without female intervention, they would be like Seinfeld once pointed out that you wear them until you can hold them out a window by the waistband, and just blow the rest of the material away.

  3. Your father gets new undies when we go on vacation and I rip and throw out the old including socks. Our dilemma is when he can’t find any clean, he buys more as well! So he literally has a sock and undie drawer full on wash day!!!!!

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