Me and my sharpie

A lot of kids feel compelled to draw on materials that are not authorised by adults. At times, I have the same compulsion. I hold back because I want to have nice things. But sometimes items come along that need to be drawn on.

Here are some of such things.

Always watching

This is my sleeping mask. I need it because my husband likes to read in bed, whereas I like to sleep in bed. I don’t like wearing it, but the reading light leaves me with no choice.

I drew the eyes on it because 1) I thought it was creepy, and 2) I wanted to motivate him not to read. When he looks at me while I sleep, I want him to feel nervous or at least put off by me “staring” at him.

Super diaper

These next few pictures showcase what happened to the two pairs of oversized underwear that my mother-in-law bought my husband a few months ago. They came in a package of three. I hate briefs in general, but these bring my hatred to a new level.

“Ewwww! Gross undies”

Jon has these in regular rotation. He has no pride when it comes to undergarments.

“Found: Old man panties. Pls call 416 -XXX XXXX to retrieve them.”


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