Shameless self-promotion


I have already proclaimed it to everyone I know, but I wanted to share it with you lot as well!

Here is the interview I did with Brett Wilson (from CBC’s Dragons’ Den). I don’t usually incorporate work stuff directly into my blog, but this is something I am particularly pleased to present. It’s not too often that I get to chat with someone I admire, so I want to relish in the opportunity, which means you get the chance to humour me even more than you already do!

If you haven’t already read it (it’s okay Mom and Dad, you don’t have to read it again), I hope you enjoy.


4 thoughts on “Shameless self-promotion

  1. Nice article, as well the ultimate gift is a good read.
    i have now subscribed to CBJ, i read yours as well as two other articles-interesting- i look forward to getting it now,

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