Don’t worry, she’s not a Nazi

From (and I guess he took it from TMZ)


This is a woman who goes by the name of Michelle “Bombshell” McGee.  She is a tatoo model. She was also the mistress of Sandra Bullock’s husband, Jesse James. These facts are secondary for the purposes of this post, which is about McGee’s attire in this particular photo.

She is wearing Nazi garb (although not the full uniform, because how then would we get to see her boobs tattoos?). After receiving a lot of hate mail for this photo and others like it, McGee has gone public, insisting she is not a Nazi supporter.

Well this is good news. Because for a minute there, it looked like she was… you know, with the swastika and all. Phewwww! We can all rest easy, knowing she is not a white supremacist.

I know I should just let it go, but if one doesn’t sympathise with the Nazi agenda, then why dress as though you are? To me, this view is so opposite to what I know is true, that I couldn’t align myself with it even “for fun” (unless I was cast in a Nazi movie, and even then, I would take the role seriously). Am  I missing the punchline here? Why do people do this?


7 thoughts on “Don’t worry, she’s not a Nazi

  1. The outfit is insulting really and you’re assessment is bang on. Even worse, I think, is the swastika in the background… to me that somehow changes the image from merely ‘costume’.

    I will admit that almost as disturbing is that you got the photo from that nutbar’s website… *shudder*. 😉

  2. She did it to be shocking, in order to ensure maximum exposure. You’re only helping her by further spreading her picture around the net.

    • I don’t think the photo was for mass consumption; I think it was originally for a niche site, and it was released after people dug for information when she came out with the affair.

      • I guess I just see it as…when stupid people do stupid things: pay no mind.

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