Bunny news.

from meandmycanon.wordpress.com

That bunny we were talking about earlier? Turns out (cover your eyes kiddies): *I* am that bunny.  </GASP>

Last night, I was the mastermind behind the greatest hunt the world has ever seen…my stepadughter’s world, anyway. I think I have found my calling; I am really good at fooling children! It took her FOREVER to uncover my sneaky hiding places. There is a (probably negligable) chance that the hunt was exasperating for my darling six year old, but I stand by my choices. The count down to the next hunt starts TODAY!


2 thoughts on “Bunny news.

  1. “Oh, there’s a lump under the rug” was helpful for me when I was a kid. Sometimes it’s in the hints given. Like “bring the ultrasound machine over to THIS wall” or “this paint seems wet to the touch” can help guide little hands.
    Jen, you remember the Santa emails you would get from the “boys up north”, “Rudolphe’s helpers”, etc. You might want to have a seat. I have something to tell you……
    Thanks for using the image!

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