The return of the Bunny

I don’t know much about the Easter Bunny. Unlike Santa, who I felt like I knew personally (until the no-Santa-isn’t-real-sweetie conversation), the Bunny and I are estranged.

I don’t know where s/he lives (let’s go with ‘he’). I don’t know if he travels the world. If  he does, I have no guesses as to what sort of infrastructure he has to make it possible. It looks like he might have a contract with Cadbury, which would help with production, but we can’t be certain. He has no real character references from folklore.

As far as I know, he is vagabond stranger from whom we take candy. Where are the mommy bloggers on this one?


5 thoughts on “The return of the Bunny

  1. I’d say this is a ‘legend’ waiting to be written! Something with connections to:
    – The spring ritual of catching rabbits from pagan times
    – confusing rabbit “eggs” with bird eggs
    – confusing rabbit “eggs” with chocolate
    – the prolific nature of rabbits as a symbol of spring births
    – a mythological animal that looked like a rabbit and lured children away from their homes with the promise of treats (the story was then reworked to be ‘nice’. See most European fairy tales.)
    – the Easter Bunny as a trans-dimensional being who can be in multiple places at the same time thereby avoiding the need for any sort of ‘conveyance’.
    – a hero who snuck into Mount Olympus and tricked the Gods by wearing the costume of an animal. He stole the Gods’ precious ambrosia but was caught and his punishment was to forever be dressed as an animal, hand out treats, and have children mob him.

    Put that all in a blender and Presto! The Easter bunny legend.

  2. One can see the boys in makeup had their work cut out for them to transfer Jack Bunny into that cute little creature on the Cadbury box. Jack still gets royalty cheques from the chocolate company and now resides in Palm Springs.

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