St Paddy’s Downers

I opened my Facebook news feed to find this conversation:

I think we can all agree that Person A and Person B are not invited to join us for green beer after work. They can sit at home and enjoy knowing how right they are about commercialism.

I see this party pooperism (a technical term) as a sad thing. I say the same about people who boycott Valentine’s Day or Christmas or Birthdays or any festivities based on the lack of real meaning or significance rooted in the actual day. We can deconstruct ANYTHING to the point of meaninglessness, but why would we?

If the commercialism argument keeps you from spending money needlessly (i.e. buying mountains of gifts for people who don’t need them), then fabulous. But you don’t have to throw it all away.

The way I see it is people need to celebrate. It is healthy to get together to talk about good things and make good memories and relate with each other in positive ways. And holidays are a way to do this, to affirm relationships. Who cares if Hallmark wants to piggy back on the day and sell some cards? Don’t. Buy. Them.

The nay-sayers are  thinking: but we don’t NEEEEEEED holidays to get together. Correct. But why piss on just another opportunity to hang out with people and have a good time? Enjoy life.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


4 thoughts on “St Paddy’s Downers

  1. What’s this about St. Patrick killing some people?
    I can perhaps see Person A’s point if this is indeed true.
    For instance, Columbus Day.
    Or, for a thought experiment: if there was a super fun holiday, but it was Pol Pot day, I might see someone’s point if they said “whoa wait guys, I realise we really don’t care about this ‘Pol Pot’ guy when we’re celebrating, but maybe we should think this over before dedicating a day to him”.

  2. I thought he led the rats out of Ireland. But then I realised that I’m thinking of the pied piper.
    I googled it. Some believe he had tons of druid priests killed. Others disagree, saying he lived a peaceful life.

  3. snakes could symbolize pagan rituals/people. however, there is no historic proof to conflate the mythical st. patrick (whom we drink to) with the dude (whose name could have been larry for all we know) who did the driving…

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