Today I consented to my own robbery

I was at Mr. Lube, intending on getting a $50 oil change. $230 later, I am broke and sad.

I feel like an elderly person who paid in advance for someone (like Jim Treliving) to come clean her eaves troughs… and no one came.

The guy said I NEEDED to flush my engine and I NEEDED transmission fluid. It couldn’t wait. It had to be done now. “Look!” he exclaims, showing me a dipstick, which looks normal to me. “This needs to be fixed as soon as possible!”

My husband confirms I was fooled.

Word to the wise: The damsel in distress is not cute; she is a character to be exploited. In the future, I resolve to be her.

<——- Danica Patrick


5 thoughts on “Today I consented to my own robbery

  1. Put the word out that you were scammed, name the Mr. Lube branch and let social media run with the ‘message’. If nothing else it would be an interesting experiment to see what Mr. Lube would do in a case like this.

      • Ah, yes. I see.

        I can’t say that I wouldn’t have been conned myself: I know nothing about cars.
        I feel your pain, and loss of hard-earned/saved money 😦

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