Going on 25

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I am turning 25 in two weeks. For those of you who are older than 25, this is probably not a big deal to you. I am hoping though that you’ll remember what it was like to be 24 and 50 weeks and gel with me.

I remember being 10 and trying to imagine what it would be like to 25; somehow I thought I would be better looking and richer. I think that’s because every 25 year old I “knew” was on 90210. And now that I think about it, they were  probably younger.

I’ve been reading about the quarter-life crisis, which seems to be a problem largely affecting  white, middle-class youngsters. . . I hate it when people are right about me.

Interestingly, this anxiety 20-somethings feel is said to be a result of having too much youth, ability/opportunity and independence. Doesn’t sound that terrible on paper, but that adundance can be awful if you find yourself in a position with no clear direction. It’s the problem of too many options and the hesitency of picking (and sticking with) one.

I rejoice for the good things in my life. But I acknowledge that there are plenty of situations, instituations and people that have left my age group disillusioned. And I have been sucked in.

Happy Birthday to me.

For my celebration, I’m thinking of returning to a lighter time, a time when the only expecations on me were to tidy my room and use manners: I think I’ll go bowling this year.


4 thoughts on “Going on 25

  1. I remember as clearly as if it were yesterday, my mother walking into the living room and announcing “Boys, today you mother is 40!” to which we replied “oh Mom, are you THAT old”. I am 60 now.
    I too have been “sucked in” by so many things over the years it’s a bit scary. Exceptions?
    Christ is the real deal. His plan for my life has involved a fair amount of pain and suffering. I should feel “sucked in” and yet, somehow, I still believe. I wouldn’t trade it for anything.
    Time spent with the family is also time very well used. There aren’t many men my age who wish they spent less time with the kids.
    Dogs too are good except when skunked.


  2. Jen, I was going through exactly the same thing last year…I was so depressed and sad around my 25 that I forgot that it’s probbaly the best time of my life so far and that I should focus on what I achieved rather than what other 25 year olds around me accomplished.
    Anyway, hope you enjoy your 25 and don’t let
    “quarter of the century” (hate this phraze, for some reason people have to say it whenever you tell them you are 25) won’t suck you in 🙂

  3. Your 25th is not a significant birthday. From here on out your only significant birthdays will be ones marked with the depressing notion that you are getting older.

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