Sad stats.

photo from Bitpicture on Flickr

After reviewing my stats recently, I have noticed a lot of the people who arrive at my blog are looking for photos of Belinda Stronach. 

My fourth blog post  (Aug 18, 2008) talks about female politicians and our fixation on appearance. To emphasis my point, I posted a photoshopped image of Stronach in a bikini.

For the last two months, an average of 45 people visit my blog every day just to see that photo. I have had this problem before with the Tony the Tiger photo, but lately, there’s just somthing about Belinda.   

Moving ahead, I resolve to do one of two things. 1. Stop using google images. 2. Write more about Belinda Stronach to give the people what they want. You’ll have to wait and see.


3 thoughts on “Sad stats.

  1. Full disclosure.

    I was reading about her in the Star today and my partner asked if I’d ever seen the ridiculous and photoshopped “Babe Belinda” picture.

    Long story short, I ended up here.

    The good news is that I’ve been reading your actual writing for a good hour now.

    So, there you have it.
    Some come for the Belinda, but stay for the Jen Sorlie.


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