Drake, has Degrassi taught you nothing?

This music video sets women in sports back yet another 40 years.

Ironically, Drake played a wheelchair-bound jock on the show Degrassi High: The Next Generation. You would think years of playing Jimmy Brooks would give him insight into the challenges of being taken seriously as an athlete when you’re different (in his case, being in a wheelchair; in women’s case, being, you know, women).

Here’s what I glean from the video.
1. Only unattractive women are good at sports.
2a. Women in sports, however, aren’t worth watching unless they are attractive, because
2b. women are meant to be gazed at.
3. A woman’s whole is the sum of her parts…the bigger the parts, the better the woman.
4. Women shouldn’t bother working at a sport, they should just wear skimpy outfits and focus on being cute (oh, and flexible).


10 thoughts on “Drake, has Degrassi taught you nothing?

  1. ugh..i couldn’t even get through the whole video. and i had a similar thought about drake a couple months ago when he was being featured on e-talk or some such show…why isn’t he making more conscious music? is this a testament to what a canadian needs to do to break through in the americanized market or music videos? such a shame.

  2. “But Drake, all you ever taught us to do was stretch”

    I feel like the music video isn’t sincere in its “if your girlfriend doesn’t look like this than your life is shit” kind of message that other rap videos have. At least this one is partly satirical. I mean, the message of the video is really that Drake made a mistake in thinking that ‘the best’ was just women with huge tits and sculpted bodies. Actually what mattered in winning the game was talent.

    I’m just saying that this rap video, compared to 99% of the rest, at least can be construed to have an almost positive message.

  3. @alex
    I will come back to my point about only unattractive girls being good at sports or/and attractive girls not belonging in sports. The idea of image is still being tied in with women’s sports (the talented girls were *clearly* less attractive, at least, conventionally).

    I also think the demographic watching this video are not likely to deconstruct the video as satiricle. Rather, they are probably enjoying the opportunity to gaze at these women in barely-there outfits.

  4. I’m confused about your point about looks and sports. Whether we’re talking about girls or guys, you’re going to end up with players who have bodies that allow them to play the sport well (at least for the WNBA, or college teams, I’m not talking about sports for leisure). For basketball, the women are going to end up being tall, muscly, and lanky. Some of them will have faces that are ‘conventionally’ pretty and others won’t. My point is just that the ‘best’ female players may very well end up being ‘conventionally’ uglier than a women of the same age, education, socioeconomic class, etc.

    But I agree, the message of the video that I argued for, that Drake has made a mistake in thinking that the best woman’s basketball team would be women with large breasts and sculpted bodies who stretch together a lot, which is likely a metaphor for how a man (or woman) may choose a girlfriend initially based on looks and realize later that the best partner is not someone who only has good looks, but has other aspects, like intelligence and personality and a sense of humor (for example), is most likely a veiled attempt to justify putting sexy models wearing no clothes in a rap video.

  5. My point is that women already have difficulty entering what is deemed as a man’s arena (think politics, engineering etc). Often, women in these fields aren’t taken seriously (at least, not initially) and reducing a woman to her physicality is one of the ways this is shown (e.g. Belinda Stronach, Sarah Palin). Drake is reinforcing this connection.

    In the video, there was a purposeful dichotomy between sex appeal and athleticism -– two completely unrelated things.

    • I think we agree. Yes, this video is demeaning to women.

      p.s. I’m happy you started writing again, it gives me something to do.

  6. I like when the girls start asking him “Hey, yo Drake, am I the best, though?” “Ya, you da best.” “What about me, Drake, am I the best?” “Yes. You’re the best.” “What about me, Drake, tell me I’m the best!” “Uh huh, for sure, you guys are all, just, the best.” You can tell he is clearly tiring of these girls. (PS: these lyrics are dirty!)

    The first time I saw this video I dubbed it boobsketball.

  7. Speaking as an Engineering student we (the males in engineering) would be more than happy to have more women in the classes. I am saying this because in my actual engineering classes of the 70 some students there are a total of 2 women in the classes. I don’t know about industry but from what I’ve seen in the school environment they get just as much respect. Today in fact one of the teachers announced a new set of scholarships and bursaries available to the women in engineering. But ya in relation to the video it’s a little ridiculous.

    And like alex I’m happy your writing again.

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