First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes a recession in the baby carriage

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Fact: Babies cost money.

Fact: If you live in the States, babies cost a LOT of money.

So what happens if you don’t have money?

According to an article published by The Associated Press, the demand for vasectomies, abortions and subsidized birth control in the United States has soared since the recession began.

Before we assume that unwed, promiscuous teens are our sample population, know that many reports are from married women, some with children already. The answer here is not simply “stop having sex, heathens”. People just can’t afford to add to the family.

Why not opt for adoption? While adoption is a great choice for those who cannot care for the child throughout its lifetime, adoption doesn’t remove the cost of actually giving birth-an estimated $30,000 (USD).

Of course, there are preventative measures, like birth control. Contraceptives are always a responsible option, but let’s face it, sex doesn’t pay for itself. If you’ve lost a job along with health insurance, birth control is an added expense.

It’s not just women who are concerned for their inability to support a larger family-more men are going in for vasectomies. One doctor said his monthly caseload rose from about 45 to more than 70 since November, claiming most of the men were married, had kids, and couldn’t afford more.

Family planning for the middle class has officially huddled around the dwindling garbage fire that is the stock market.

First its savings, then its jobs and now sex. Well, that’s not entirely true–at least we’re getting screwed by the economy.


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