Sooooo Random

Before I wrote this blog, I had to search through every post I’ve written to make sure that I am not an offender, lest I be a hypocrite. Even if I was a hypocrite, I still would have written this blog… I just would have been a lot nicer. Now I don’t have to be.

I been thinking about the word “random” lately, and I am becoming less and less impressed with it (not its original meaning, but its current use). And I know I’m not alone here.

At first, when the term “random” came into our vernacular, I was digging it (just like I’m digging the word ‘digging’ right now). I liked when people started saying “that’s so random” when an odd/unexpected event happened. My peers would also use the word in reference to miscellaneous items, such as “random photos” or “random parties”. At the time, which was roughly five years ago by the way, my favourite way to use the term was to refer to a stranger, or someone creepy.


Person 1: Who was that guy?

Person 2: I don’t know, some random.

But those days are over. I’ve moved on. If presented with the same situation now, I would say something like this:

Person 1: Who was that guy?

Person 2: No idea.

I’m okay with new ridiculous words or, in this case, new ridiculous ways to use words so long as their usage ends when it’s overkill. That has not happened with “random” yet. And, believe me, I am waiting. Sometimes I wonder if other peoples’ overkill sensors are broken. You all feel it, don’t you?

To be fair, maybe “random” users think it’s here to stay. There are classic expressions that will never go out of style, the little black dress of the colloquial wardrobe. “Cool” is a great example of such a word; it’s even a French word for goodness’ sake. Other illustrations would be your basic four-letter words. But I don’t think “random” has the legs to ever be considered timeless. It’s just stale, lingering like my dog’s gas.

I’m trying to be helpful here. When others are struggling, you have to come alongside them and uplift. It’s like What Not to Wear for the mouth. Yesterday, for instance, I had to tell my 40-something boss not to say “it’s the bomb”–again, I was helping.

This “random” business might take months, it might take years, but I want it over with. In the meantime, I’m trying out comeback surfer words, such as “gnarly”, “rad” and “stoked”. I like ’em, but I know we have to part eventually.


5 thoughts on “Sooooo Random

  1. I recall being 13 years old and my dad teasing me for using the term ‘like’ too many times in my day-to-day speech. I’ve since dropped that horrid habit and thought most people my age had as well; that is, until I met a girl (woman?) the other day who used ‘like’ as an every-second-word piece of punctuation. I stopped listening to what she was saying and started counting the ‘like’s…The bastardization of the English language is a travesty! Truly.

    • I remember my mom doing the same thing, only now, she uses all the time. I don’t know if she’s aware of it, but she says things such as, “Like, hello!” when she thinks someone is being ridiculous.

  2. I am a fan of the word “wicked” as a modifier, as in, “I’m wicked tired.” I’ve also tried to bring back gnarly, it’s really hard to use.

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