Four facts and a question

Fact: Breyers Vanilla Ice Cream is actually labeled “Breyer’s Vanilla Frozen Dessert”. The words “ice cream” are nowhere to found on the packaging. Hagan Daaz, on the other hand, is clearly marked “ice cream”.

Fact: Hagan Daaz is more than twice the calories per serving than Breyers.

Fact: Hagan Daaz is twice the price.

Fact: Breyers has more modified ingredients.

Question: Which ice cream do you choose and why?

Something to consider: Whichever one you choose, the portion you eat in one setting will likely be the same.

(This, by the way, is coming up because I was just eating Breyers and was shocked by the label, so I did an immediate comparison to the other pint of ice cream (HD) in the freezer. Why I’m eating ice cream in winter and why I have two varieties are completely unrelated to the story.)


4 thoughts on “Four facts and a question

  1. HD is simply better. And to me that means I don’t need to eat as much to feel ‘satisfied’. Also, be on the lookout for the HD light (or whatever they call it). The Dolce is virtually the same in flavour and consistency as the reg version.

  2. HD is better (less air in it), but I still eat huge servings because the taste is so good.

    I’ve tried “half the fat” and it’s good stuff. Maybe there should have been an option for that in the question…

  3. The obvious choice is HD! Modified milk ingredients were not even allowed to feed livestock 20 years ago, but now you find it everywhere! I always check but it is becoming harder to find cheese, yogurts and icecream without modified ingredients. Breyers ice cream also has a gross after taste (maybe from the less quality ingredients?). So for me, I’m going to say HD all the way!

  4. I eat ice cream every night. Although I know Breyers is really the lowest of the low for ice cream, I personally would much rather eat more of an ice cream (no matter how much it is) than less of a much better one. HD has just too many calories for me, and there is no way in heck that I will ever eat half as much of an ice cream that has double the calories. Just not gonna happen! But all the power to those who can! I give them a lot of credit.

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