I want Yorkdale Mall to read this.

The following is not a real issue. It might not even be worth talking about, but it happens to me all the time so I’m writing it down.

When I shop, I don’t like to be approached by sales people. I know it’s their job, but if it’s all the same to them, I want to be left alone. I know what I do and do not need. Maybe that’s my problem—I shop for necessity and don’t want to be sold superfluous items.

Even though I don’t like it, being approached in a store is fine, I guess. Being approached by salespeople from a kiosk, however, is totally unacceptable. The hallways in a mall are supposed to be the safe zone.

Every time I walk down the hallways of the Yorkdale Mall, I am bombarded by people selling skincare products. A hand moisturizer, an acne cream, a mineral eyeshadow.
It’s always when I’m alone and it’s usually by men. I’ve seen what they do. They watch for unsuspecting women and then jump out, asking “Excuse me, Sweetie, can I just ask you one question?”

Of course, it’s not one question. They tell you to come over to their booth and proceed to apply whatever they’re selling to your body, convincing you that you look/feel better than before. You buy it and walk away feeling dirty.

If I wanted to go to a marketplace, I would travel to Turkey. If I wanted to be approached by a patronizing stranger, I would join LavaLife. If I wanted to be ogled by men, I would… well, I can’t do anything about being female.

Rant over. Please return to your regularly scheduled Wednesday.


3 thoughts on “I want Yorkdale Mall to read this.

  1. I recommend shopping while listening to your iPod. It subtly conveys the “eff off” to sales people. Plus, when you don’t want to talk to someone, you can just pretend that you can’t hear them.

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