7 things about me…

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After just saying that I try not to write too much about myself, Jane Sample, writer of one of the 10ish blogs I read on a regular basis, tagged me in showcasing seven interesting things about me. I am, in turn, supposed to tag seven others.

Like most people–including celebrities, who all insist that they were boring nerds during childhood–I don’t believe I’m that interesting. But, for the sake of this challenge, I will try my best.

1) I only eat yogurt in the summer.

2) I have an irrational fear of quitting jobs. (Good thing I just got laid off). I just can’t take the confrontation. I told one job that I had been robbed and couldn’t make it in that day because I had to go to the police to file a report, oh and I could never come in again. Actually it was my friend who phoned it in on my behalf. There are more examples, but let’s move on.

3) I worked as a Tony the Tiger mascot one weekend when I was in high school. I had to walk around a Loblaw’s giving people samples of Kellogg’s Milkrunch and PopTart Danishes (both are no longer sold). It was hot, smelly and teenagers kept pulling my tail, telling me that Tigger was better.

4) I have a pet rat. The only reason I’m listing this as an interesting item is because other people find it mindboggling that a twenty-something owns the same pet as their 10-year-old brother. Her name is Penelope.

5) When making sandwiches, I have a very specific order in which the toppings must go on: bread, cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickles, cucumber, sauce, seasoning, meat, bread. Whatever happens, the cheese and meat must be the outer toppings between which everything else is layered. It’s all about preventing wet materials from touching the bread.

6) I’ve been in three car accidents. All happened within the same year, in the same car and all were preventable.

7) I have an iron deficiency, aka anemia, which makes me tired and pale pretty much all the time. There are over-the -counter iron supplements (ferrous gluconate) I can take, but the side effects are not worth it. I would rather be tired than unable to poop.

There you have it. Now I’m supposed to tag others.

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7 thoughts on “7 things about me…

  1. I love #1. Some foods is seasonal, you can only eat it during a specific season.

    And I tagged you, because I really enjoy your blog. You have a “tone”/ personality or whatever you want to call it and that always makes lists more interesting …

  2. I’ve said that my aunt has died (on two separate occasions) so I “went to the funerals” but never came back to the jobs. These were part time jobs btw that I had as a student.

  3. 1. I have an irrational fear of toasters that dates back to when I was a child and my mean baby-sitter pretended she was getting electracuted while making me toast once. I screamed and have hated them ever since. I don’t own a toaster and if there’s one that’s toasting bread, I temporarily leave the kitchen until the toast is ready.

    2. Up until I was about 14, I was convinced that I’d marry Taylor Hanson.

    3. I would rather clean toilets than do the dishes. I hate dishes and I never do a good job anyway.

    4. I am related to John Cusack via my paternal grandfather’s grandmother.

    5. I have a small scar above my eyebrow that’s been there for as long as I can remember. Apparently, I hit my head on the edge of a table, but I distinctly remember telling people that an alligator bit me there.

    6. I don’t like action movies for the simple reason that when there are car chases or things get blown up, I’m always wondering: “Who has to clean up that mess?”.

    7. I’m a synesthetic: I see months as colors, numbers in a row from left-to-right, and cities have textures. That’s why I love Los Angeles so much. It’s wood. 🙂

  4. Whoa I didn’t know was synesthesia was until you wrote about it. That is AWESOME. I did some quick research and I am just so impressed–what a wonderful way to see the world!

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