You deserve better.

I know I told you I would change. I said I’d post more often. There’s no excuse.

Except, there is kind of an excuse. Actually, there are three of them. You can decide whether they’re good enough. Here goes:

1) New Years brought sickness. I was in bed for four days. Not fun.
2) I got engaged (on sick day #3) and became rather busy with family and friends. Very fun.
3) I got laid off. Granted, it was last week, but I’ve been looking for jobs whilst fighting off crippling depression and general unmotivation. Is unfun a word?

If I were you, I would say the third excuse is legitimate and forgive me of my lack-o’-blogging sins. Of the three, it’s the most consuming, even though you would think it provides more time for blogging. The engagement should get a bigger mental time-slot, but it’s hard to get excited about a wedding you suddenly have little money for.

People keep saying that I should be enjoying my time off and treat it like a vacation. It doesn’t sound like bad advice at first, but believe me, it’s not all that helpful. Vacations are times of psychological rest. As I’m discovering, unemployment doesn’t fit this mold. The entire issue is ridden with anxiety and uncertainty. Sure, I’m sleeping in every day, but as soon as I wake up, I remember and feel like crap once more.

Anyway, it’s not you. It’s me. I’m turning an emotional corner and I’m ready to commit.

I hope you’ll give me another chance!

Love, Jen


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