9-300Just a quick thought:

Does anyone think that this “snowmageddon” business is doing Toronto citizens any favours in the court of national public opinion? Granted, the weather outside is frightful. The roads are nuts. And yes, I am working from home. But when you start throwing around anything with “ageddon” on the end, we ask for attention. Attention that Toronto doesn’t need from the rest of the country…especially since the army incident.

It’s about collective reputation. Somehow, I don’t think we’re coming out of this winter looking any less like weiners.


3 thoughts on “Snowmageddon

  1. Couldn’t agree more. It was a bit of snow. This is Canada. What’s the big deal? Meanwhile out west they were enduring windchills past -40 and there wasn’t a peep (maybe because they were frozen! LOL).

    It all contributes to the ‘collective reputation’ as you so aptly put it that Torontonians are soft and whiny. I’ll lay a lot of the blame on the media for this last assault. They way they latched onto the ‘Snowmageddon’ thing was ludicrous. Shameful, in fact.

  2. the weird thing was that it wasn’t even the media that started it, it was Environment Canada who used the term in their release. Odd.

  3. I really hate Toronto after the first snow of the year. The next day the papers are full of headlines claiming that 200 car accidents happened overnight due to snow fall. It’s not like it doesn’t snow here every year! Is it possible that every year these 200 drivers were new to Toronto? To Canada? When there is snow on the ground drive slower, use more caution, be smart! Gah!

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