My experiences on the TTC–a photojournal



10 thoughts on “My experiences on the TTC–a photojournal

  1. You forgot the person who NEEDED to be first on the bus and also had the bus fare ready in nickels, holding everyone up.

    Otherwise, a pretty good replication of bus time memories! My favourite was the last one!

  2. hahaha very nice.

    don’t forget about the “I’m sorry is my ipod too loud? doesnt everyone want to hear my obscene rap?” and “why should I shower, my body odour guarantees me extra personal space”

  3. I hate when people do the make you get out around their knees thing, and even worse when you want to sit down, and someone sits on on the outside seat and then just moves their knees over so you can squish in and sit next to the window.. this is funny.

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