I’ll have what she’s having.

I know we already voted. But since Americans haven’t, we’re still seeing their commercials encouraging people to go to the polls. I saw one in particular today that was targeted to female voters, and I must admit, voting does not do for me what it does for these ladies.


“It made me feel pretty.”


“…it’s a beautiful thing.”

I don’t know where (or how) these women vote. But I line up in a dim school gymnasium and wait for my turn to sign a form and check a box. There are usually crying children. Someone is yelling at a volunteer because they’re in a different riding but want to vote here instead.

Important? Yes. Sexy? If sexy means rushing home after work to get to the polls before dinner, then yeah I guess it’s pretty hot.

Is this what it takes to get sex maniacs women to vote? Why not give us free condoms with our ballot?


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