A whole new meaning to drive-by shooting

In effort to get the guns off Toronto streets, the police and Henry’s Cameras have collaborated to provide an incentive for gun owners. For the next four weeks (starting yesterday), you can trade in your gun for a digital camera and photography lessons. No questions asked. The campaign is called Pixels for Pistols.

While I applaud the efforts, I’m not so sure cameras are the best trade off. Aside from enthusiasts, I feel like the kind of people who have guns own them for a good reason. If protection is that reason, then I doubt an impromptu photo shoot will do any favours when cornered in an alley. As my dad always said, don’t bring a Nikon to a gun fight.

I’m no authority when it comes to gun-toters, but something tells me our target audience is not WASPy, Forest Hill teens in search of a new hobby. Besides, if gun owners really wanted a camera, couldn’t they just… you know… demand one?

As not to be a complete nay-sayer, this is fabulous PR for Henry’s. In fact, I would not be surprised if the campaign is featured on www.touchdownsblog.ca!

One more thing: would you even want the camera they’re offering?!



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