Racism lives here

If there’s something I hate more than racism, it’s when people deny that it’s an issue altogether, maintaining that society has moved past racial discrimination. This sort of ignorance upsets me in unspeakable ways. (The same goes for sexism, classism, and other undesirable ‘isms’.) If you really want to get me going, try telling me that it’s white people who are getting the short end of the stick.

It troubles me not only because it’s false, but because it’s dangerous thinking. The longer we convince ourselves that everyone is treated equally and that we all have the same opportunities in life, the longer we accept the status quo without change.

I watched this video on YouTube today and I wanted to throw up. There it was: 21st-century American citizens casually using the N-word and worrying themselves over Senator Obama’s “black, muslim agenda.”
*Note that it was all I could do to ignore the drawls and not write off all Southerners as idiots.*

Granted, these (presumably illiterate) people are absolutely out of their respective trees. But it serves as a reminder that racism is still out there, and in some cases, thriving.

In most Canadian communities (at least the ones I’m familiar with), you won’t find an obvious racial divide, but it doesn’t mean that modern racism isn’t kickin’ around. Because it is. The glass ceiling continues to be obstacle.  Media still portray minorities in stereotypical ways, which can have a subtle yet repetitive and significant affect on how we perceive our surroundings.

The more we’re aware of hegemony, the more inclined we are to change it. So consider this blog post a friendly reminder to love your neighbour and to be critical of our societal norms.


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