We can’t be objective

Many pro-life advocates agree that abortion is wrong in all circumstances except one: risk to the mother’s life.

I was thinking about this when I heard about Sarah Palin’s views on abortion. She maintains that in cases of rape and incest, abortion is deplorable, that all life has potential.

Sooo… does life not have potential if the mother has serious health concerns? And who is to say that the mother’s life is more important than the baby’s, and by what authority? This, my friends, is called grey area.

I find it remarkable how even the most black-and-white people will allow some grey on their own terms. Morality, to said people, is supposed to be objective. Something is either wrong or it’s right. Period. Stop. By their standards, if abortion is wrong then it should be wrong on all levels; there should be no concessions.

But there are always concessions, aren’t there?

This post has less to do with abortion and more to do with humanity and our (in)ability to referee. The short story is that we’re biased and illogical beings. We have no real place in the judgment seat because if placed in a similar situation, we would most likely make allowances and compromises-even if it’s not for immediate personal benefit. It goes beyond hypocrisy and into the realm of human impartiality. And there’s the age-old issue: can anyone be truly objective?

The black-and-white life is a hard one. One that requires you to know exactly what you believe and why. Because if you’re ever caught in situations where you can’t back yourself up, it only takes one blunder to lose all credibility. When you allow for grey, mistakes aren’t as damaging.


2 thoughts on “We can’t be objective

  1. You write thoughtfully over a wide range. The New York Times needs to know you exist and that you write! How can you make that happen?
    Do you think John McCain made a mistake picking Sarah Palin as his running mate?

  2. Thank you! I appreciate that:)
    As for John McCain making a mistake, I couldn’t tell you, I’m neither American nor politically aware.

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