One more thing…

I’m not trying to make myself out to be a complete Philistine, but while I’m in confession mode I should mention that the TTC incident was not the first time my hastiness has gotten me into trouble. When I worked at Milestone’s as a hostess[i], I accidentally bumped a kid in the aisle while hurrying to seat some customers (or ‘guests’ as they preferred). I didn’t notice that I hurt the kid until his mother wanted me fired.

I remember sitting in my manager’s office assuring her that I had no ill-will towards children, that I love kids[ii]. I had to spend the rest of that family’s meal hidden away in the back because, apparently, the mother actually told her waitress that she wanted to throttle me in the parking lot. She was a big woman too.

[i] A job I quit by telling them that I had been mugged and couldn’t make it in… ever again. I was going through a weird stage.

[ii]A half-truth.


One thought on “One more thing…

  1. I’m with you, Jen. If you’re taking your kid to a fairly nice restaurant like Milestone’s (or any restaurant, really), you keep him out of the aisle or you understand that he’s going to get bumped.

    This woman is probably the same woman who would be mad about having slower service as a result of people having to maneuver around her child frolicking in the aisles. Basically, you can’t win against her.

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