Botox for your accessories

It’s not just women; apparently crocodiles are also having a hard time with aging these days.

Designed by a former dermatologist, Zagliani–the handbag company–is selling snakeskin and crocodile purses injected with Botox. Apparently, Botox lends more of a luxurious finish that is softer to the touch than cashmere. Who knew?

Funnily enough, these bags cost around $4,000. Compare that with the facial procedure ($200-400 per area) and it makes more sense to inject one of your old bags yourself.

Personally, I like my handbags looking natural. I won’t subscribe to society’s unreasonable demands on these poor purses. I’ve said it to my mom and I’ll say it to the crocs: you’re beautiful just the way you are.


3 thoughts on “Botox for your accessories

  1. Oil of Olay made the connection between reptiles and aging human skin years ago with an ad campaign that featured a scaly crocodilian next to bottle of anti-aging product. Maybe what we ought to make hand bags out of old bags. (The botox treatments would be cheaper.)

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