Welcome to my blog!

Why JENlightened? The story is insultingly simple. I thought of it when I was in high school. I thought it was cool, since, you know, my name is Jen. Turns out, I haven’t come up with anything better since then. Oh sure, if I thought about it really hard I could create something clever, but why bother? JENlightened is a functional name. It stays.

Why write a blog? Not sure. But I can’t deny the appeal of uninterrupted space to talk about whatever I want. I also think that spending my time writing something will likely earn more dividends than reading Perez Hilton (a shameful, inexcusable pastime of mine).

I plan to write about all kinds of things, so the blog doesn’t really have a concrete theme—unless you count me as a theme…which is fine. I’m a big fan of social commentary so that might pop up somewhere; I’m also into taking small events and thinking about them in the bigger picture. You can also expect entries about relationships, work, public transit, Toronto living, family, religion, feminism and whatever else tickles ye olde fancy. If anything of political importance should arise, I’ll be happy to direct you to another, more informed, website.

I think that’s it. Enjoy the day.


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